Thursday, 21 April 2011

So they've put me to work.

I've started my 4 week WWOOFing experience in Maitland, Nova Scotia. The farm, Four Seasons Farm, is mainly a lettuce and herb farm which supplies to farm to table restaurants and sells its goods at the Hertitage Farmers Markets in Halifax.

Today was my 4th working day and I am sore! I have spent way too much time on my butt in an office so I'm finding the physical work quite strenuous but rewarding. You actually feel as if you deserve your dinner at the end of the day.

Well, it only took 5 days until they got me doing some design work for them. Last night I made a flyer for them to send out to their customers for the Easter Weekend markets.

Perhaps I should arrange a day off in return for my design services. I think the answer will probably be: Yes, you can have Saturday and Sunday :) 

I've been waiting for some sun to come out so I can get some photos of the greens and the farm - hopefully this weekend, so stay tuned.
Image Above © Noeleen Warman

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