Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I finally found Pok Pok...

Ok, story from the beginning. I was recommended this place to eat (along with many others) by a customer at the Wychwood Barns Farmers Markets in Toronto, so naturally, when something gets a recommendation I have to try it for myself.

So, last Friday I hired a bike with the intention of going there for lunch and to check out the east side of town. Writing down the exact address or marking it on my map probably would've been a smart thing to do (yes, I still don't have a smart phone - that would have been so much easier). So off I went, and I rode and rode and couldn't find it. Once again, I probably could've just asked someone - but oh well. I was heading back down SE Division and got distracted by a Food Cart Pod and decided to have lunch there instead (turned out to be delicious Venezuelan food). After that, I just gave up and went shopping over on SE Hawthorne at some awesome vintage stores.

Next day, I went on the Epicurean Walking Tour (which was fantastic! 3 hours of walking and eating) and I mentioned to a couple also on the tour that I had tried to find Pok Pok and failed and they said I have to go back because the place is amazing. They even gave me two bus tickets to get me there and back which was totally sweet of them. So now, I really had to go!!

And I went today!! By bus (for free) and I did my research and found the place without any trouble. Turns out, the Food Cart Pod I ate at on the Friday was directly across the street from Pok Pok and I completely missed it!! Talk about having a man look.

End of story, it was delicious!!!

What I ate:
I had the Pok Pok Special which consisted of Kai Yaang (charcoal rotisserie chicken stuffed with lemongrass, garlic and cilantro) which came with Papaya Pok Pok (best green papaya salad I've had outside of Thailand) and sticky rice.
Than I just had to have dessert which was a Coconut Ice Cream Sandwich, which is supposed to found at any Thai Street Food but I never saw any while I was there. Anyway, it too was amazing!
All washed down with a Pok Pok Som Lychee flavoured drinking vinegar.

Now I don't think I need to eat again for a week.

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