Sunday, 19 June 2011

Back on the farm...

I made it to Lifespring Organic Farm in Ontario!

I had organised to stay here before I left Australia so I had been really looking forward to it. The days are long and there is lots of work to be done but I'm loving it! They farm mainly Scottish Highland Cows, but they also have horses, chooks and ducks, barn cats, indoor cats and two beautiful, big cuddly dogs.

This week we welcomed a new baby calf onto the farm. His name is Yani. He was born on Thursday afternoon at two o'clock and I was lucky enough to witness it. I had to stay well clear though as his mother, Rhoda, has been known to toss her calves in the air if someone gets too close. It took him a while to stand by himself and then Rhoda wouldn't let him feed, so we had to move him (in a wheelbarrow) and his mother (not in the wheelbarrow but running along beside it) to the pen with the year old baby girl cows. Quite an adventure for a new born but he's three days old now and doing really well!

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