Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Buddhist Monks to the Rescue

For the past three days I've been travelling around Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, with the Salty Bear Adventure group. There were only three of us on the tour (four if you include Tour Guide Tony). We had perfect weather for the first two days and were able to go whale watching, kayaking and hiking.

Today we woke to find it raining and foggy but we were determined to find a spot to go hiking so we set off for the other side of the Cape. Tony suggested we check out a look off (or 'look out' as we call them in Australia) he was shown the night before so we headed there first. Apparently we were all thinking the same thing as we headed onto a dirt road but it was Aimee who asked first if the van was a 4WD - it turned out not to be. We headed onto the grassy track into the look off spot, took in the views, then jumped back into the van to get out of the rain and be on our way - so we thought. We had managed to get ourselves bogged.

The view

The van bogged and enjoying the view

After several attempts to get out (including a half-hearted attempt to push) and with the van edging ever closer to the 100 foot cliff drop, Tour Guide Tony decided to run to the Buddhist Monastery, Gampo Abbey, up the road to enlist the aid of a monk with a truck.

Yep - definitely bogged!

Upon his arrival, Monk with the Truck told us three girls to go and stand out on the road, in the rain, away from the action because, apparently, we are hysterical girls and he didn't want us ruining his ch'i or something with our hysterics - crazy hysterical girls - we just can't handle a good bogging!

Anyway... after we got out of sight (we did manage to peek between some trees) the guys did their thing and got the van out, ch'i intact. Tour Guide Tony is now devoting his year to Buddhism and will be telling this story to every tour group from now on.

All Photos Above © Noeleen Warman

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